Fazal Chemicals

Fazal Chemicals


Corporate Strategy

Fazal Chemicals is dedicated to growth and committed to maximizing customers’ success. The major competitive advantage of our company is that we enable on-time deliveries with high-quality products at fair price. We are in the chemical business, we always serve our customers with its value-based and best quality; and gain their trust, goodwill and loyalty. As a reliable company, we provide consistence, high-valuable and pure products to our customers; establishing lasting relationships, and aiming to meet demands (convenience) for our  customers’ needs.


Competitive Advantages

The sustainable competitive advantages of Fazal Chemicals are:

 - Low Cost

 - High Quality

 - Brand Loyalty

 - Great workplace

 - Engaged Employees

 - Reliable Suppliers

 - Wide range of products and service


Involved employees are our most important asset. The encouragement of entrepreneurism is the source of Fazal Chemicals success. Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.


Our Strategy

Our management is focusing to create an ideal organization that adds values to resources for productivity. We are also determined to continue the growth and success that we have already achieved. The corporate strategy of FC is mainly concerned with delivering Long-term value added products through Economies of scale and production. We recognize opportunities where others see confusion.


Our company listen’s to the ‘voice of the customer’ and  fulfill to the ‘demand of the customer’ ‘on the time’


Our strategy is to remain Pakistan’s leading chemical company.


Our control system is to ensure decisions and plans are followed productively.

Passion for High Quality


Corporate Strategy

Corporate Philosophy


Research & Development